Production & Sales of copper nugget

In accordance with the recycling system rules and regulations,
and most importantly to save earth, we at Nahfkenn Associates Plc.
has successfuly produced a high quality copper nugget from Used Electric Cable/wires for reuse. copper nuggetcopper nugget
high quality copper nuggets extracted from
Used Electric cables, ready for sale.
copper nuggetcopper nugget
Copper nuggets extracted from use car electric
wires, ready for sale.

Buying & Sales of Used Aluminium Rim

alloy wheelstire changer

Sales of used auto spare parts, Used auto bike

Feel free to contact us whenever you need the above mentioned items.
We have the capacity to supply best quality products from Japan

Sales of used generating machine & heavy mechineries

We can supply the above equipment old or new, at an affordable price.
Yumbors, Electric cuters, Agricultural equipments ect, are among the wide range of machineries we can offer. for more information please fell free to contact us.

Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier.(NVOCC)

Having been licenced under the ministry on land road & infrastructure Japan, as a non vessel operating common Carrier, we have the capacity to offer door to door delivery for containerized goods.

Refiners Of Precious Metal.

We have the capacity to extract rare metals out of the following products Catalytic Converter, Computer Cpu, Mobile Telephone,