Company Overview


Company Overview

Company Name
Nahfkenn Associates Plc.
Board Members:
Directors  Kennedy Fintan Nnaji
Directors  Nahoko Nnaji
Head Office Location
Katsushika-ku Kameari 2-73-3 Suncity Kameari 603 Tokyo
Recycling Plant
Saitama-ken Yashio-shi Ukizuka 809-1  Tel:0489-99-3155 / Fax:0489-99-3122
Delivery Center
Saitama-ken Yashio-shi 2-974-1
Number Of Workers
8 Persons
Kind Of Work
Nonferrous Metal Department.
Production and sales of copper nuggets
Buying & sales of all kind of Nonferrous metals
Eg. Used Electric wires of all kinds, Aluminiums etc.
Sales of use car part
Sales of use motorcycle part
Generator & heavy mechinary deoler
International Business Management Consultant
Authorized International Freight Forwarder,nvocc,Flc/lcl.
Chiba Bank,Yashio-Ekimae Branch
Kameari Shinkin Bank Head Office
Musashino Bank Yashio Branch.
東京都公安委員会許可 第307750106526号
解体業許可証 20113001971
フロン類回収業者許可証 20112001971
引取業者 202689100109

Business Vision

To build an institution that will be timeless in it's relevance.At Nahfkenn Associates Plc., we believe in doing it well the first time. There is no explanation for failure.......

CEO. Kennedy Fintan Nnaji