Kennedy Fintan Nnaji

Nahfkenn Associates Plc.Japan was incoporated in September 2000 as an authorized international freight fowarder/none vessel operating common carrier, Licenced under the ministry of land road & infrastructure; Japan.

Since then, Nahfkenn has succesfuly handled a lot of consignment to different parts of the world. Our services has remained priceless to our customers, makings us indispensable to them.

In 2006, Nahfkenn Associates Plc Japan, taking cognizance of the future struggle by mankind to save the earth and its' enviroment as a living place, discovered recycling as an important work for humanity. To contribute toward enviromental conservation and resources/energy saving, required for corporate activities and product, Nahfkenn has invested extensively on the integrated system of clean recycling of any recyclable material, with great expertise on the production of copper nuggets from uses electric cables and others, also the extraction of platinum, palladium and rhodium, from used catalytic converters.

Born and raised from a tiny but mighty Vilage of Umuomi-Uzoagba Ikeduru Lga. of Imo-State Nigeria. My stay in Japan counted two decades this 2013. And from all indications, my continuous tireless and fruitful efforts must be dedicated to my humble family, my diligent staffs and the good people of Japan, and the timeless effort we have made to gain peoples trust. Please consider our company the "Global Environment Conservation Sector" of your company.

Our Vision
To build an institution that will be timeless in its relevance.
At Nahfkenn Associates Plc., we believe in doing it well the first time.
There is no explanation for failure........

CEO Kennedy Fintan Nnaji